7200 Series

These ear cuffs are made with your choice of 14 kt. Gf ,Sterling Silver or Silverfilled wire and are available in many semi-precious, Swarovski Rhinestone crystals, AND many gemstones and combinations of those listed. No piercings are needed to wear these ear cuffs.

This design uses 4mm gemstones for the main body of the piece and a 5mm gemstone for the center. These stones are strung and then twisted into place and shaped to form the design. The design measures 1-1/2” X 5/8”. This design is mounted to the cuff portion of the earcuff. This piece can be slid around the cuff to allow the wearer to decide where they would prefer the design to rest on their ear. These cuffs are very adjustable.

An added feature with this design is that by switching the side you wear them on and turning them upside down, you can get a completely different look! When you wear the earcuff so that the design sweeps to the top of the ear, the earlobe is free to team with conventionally worn earrings. (shown right).

Also, because of the shape of this earcuff, it is very easy to close the stems for a tighter cluster. Just give it a squeeze. This feature makes this design a favorite with the younger Zannedeladies or those with itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny ears and earlobes.

Below and in the next page, you will see the ear cuff selections available that have photos.

These designs are available in many gemstones and rhinestone colors.  If you don’t see a photo of what you’d like, email us – we might be able to provide it.   As more photos become available they will be added for the many selections as well as the availability for instant orders.