7300 Series

All Zannedelion EarCuffs are designed to allow you a custom fit by making all parts safely moveable and bendable. They are made with your choice of very pliable, yet sturdy, 18 and 24 gauge 14kt gold-filled, sterling silver or silverfilled wire. No piercings are needed to wear these earcuffs.

This design is done with 4mm and 5mm semi precious gemstones. From the configuration of beads strung inside the cuff to the end of the longest stem of the three, the piece measures approximately 1-1/4″. The drop is a handcrafted triple loop figure that also holds a 5mm bead. It falls no more than 3/4″ from the center of the earlobe.

The three stems of this piece can be easily adjusted to rest on your earlobe as you like. This is especially useful with the furthest stem which holds the 5mm bead, allowing you to cover your post hole.

These designs are available in many gemstones and rhinestone colors.  If you don’t see a photo of what you’d like, email us – we might be able to provide it.   As more photos become available they will be added for the many selections as well as the availability for instant orders.