Dec 20, 2008 Heyyy, zanny Susan, it’s Jenny here (anyjay), and I just wanted to tell you that I read through your blogs and LOVED them — hey, you already know I adore your work! It’s funny, you say these cuffs are for people that either can’t wear pierced or don’t have pierced ears, but let me tell you, I have 2 pierces in each ear and still love the cuffs WITH them. It’s amazing what you can do with these. Some days I mix it up, and other days, just a cuff. Now the order I made about a week ago was for a Xmas present (well, make that plural) for my dearest friend who (believe it or not) does not have pierced ears. She had seen my cuffs and went crazy over them, so she’s going to go even crazier when she sees all these cuffs tumble out on Xmas day. All due to you, Susan, yep, all due to you. You can be sure I’ll be back here and order more. I have fallen in love with your work. So if anyone else sees this post, BELIEVE IT — Nobody can come close to Susan’s work. You’ll be a big fan, too, and that’s a promise. Jenny in Virginia

Hi Susan, When we were on the phone, I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your ear cuffs! I have never been able to wear pierced earrings due to problems with keloids (an abnormal formation of scar tissue). I had my ears pierced when I was about 18 but the holes were painful and never healed. I tried clip earrings back then but they were uncomfortable and were obviously not pierced. Finally, after more than 30 years of naked ears, I found your ear cuffs! I love the way they look and feel and I also like that they are so different from everything else. The order I placed is actually for my husband to give me for my birthday next month. Thank you for your designs – they’re wonderful! Carol
Riverview, FL

Susan – I just wanted to tell you what a hero you are to people who don’t have pierced ears. I can’t have holes in my ears, so I never get to dress them up at all, and the only earrings that I can find hurt like heck and are cheap and ugly. Your ear cuffs are so beautiful and interesting and I love wearing them. They are so comfortable and I have to keep checking my ears to make sure that they’re still there! Thanks for making a great product. – Debbie, Manchester,CT

The necklace is absolutely perfect! Just what I was hoping for! In fact, my sister wants to use it for her wedding as well. You created a family heirloom!
Thank you SO much! I LOVE it!
Alicia, Rockaway, N.J.

I absolutely love the earcuffs and necklaces that I have bought from you! They are real eye catchers, and I receive many compliments! I am always quick to tell people about you and your designs. Keep designing and I will keep buying! Shalom! Terrin

Got the earcuffs on Saturday. They are wonderful!! They fit well and are very comfortable. Thank you for a quality product. Bev/Las Vegas, NV.

Susan, I got the 2nd pair & they are SO neat!!! I’m sure glad I ‘found’ you!! 😉 I’ve sent the flyer & pictures of my ears with the first ear cuff to about 20 people, and I’ve had SO many comments on them, I am printing another set of cards with your web address. I’m at the moment debating if I “need” a garnet set!! 😉 Actually, deciding how to convince the hubby that it IS a need! Thanks again, Judith/Ingalls,KS

Wow these make me feel so ultra feminine and exotic! My gentleman friend says I look like a beautiful mystic fairy with my short cropped hair and these stunning earrings.

Getting ready to get my third and fourth pair soon.! Service was fast too. Thanks Zannedelion for sharing your gift of creativity and making me uniquely sexy! Val White/CO

Last Saturday I went to my company Xmas party and I got so many wows on my earring gloves!!! I told everyone where I got them. One woman said ouch how many holes do you have? When I told her one and that I have to touch my ears every once in awhile to make sure they are still there–she was amazed!!! Said she never saw such a beautiful pair of earrings!!! I didn’t really need anyone to tell me how great they were because I loved them the moment I put them on!!! I will be ordering from you in the future. Please take care and have a Merry Xmas. Remember if you have any specials let me know!! Judy in NV

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for such fast service. The lapis model 7700 ear cuffs came yesterday! Following the instructions, I put them on without a mirror and then checked them. Unbelievable! They just fell into place and looked exactly like I had hoped. Plus they are the easiest earrings to put on that I have ever owned AND they are the most comfortable. What a great find! When my friends ask where I got them I will let them know. Best Regards; Carolynn (Whitzburg, GA)

I received the jewelry….I’m in love :-)….Outstanding Susan so unique!!!!!!!!!! I feel beautiful wearing it…thank you…With kind regards for you and yours, I remain Sincerely Yvette(Lebanon, NJ)

Susan, Been wanting to sit down and tell you how much I love my Hematite ear cuffs. They are now my favorite earrings.
I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you helping me out on my recent dilemma on the missing leaft ear cuff….
Have a super summer and keep me on your mailing list. Grace (San Diego, CA)

Susan I got the ear cuffs today right on time and I love them all. I love them so much I may keep them all and have to order more from you!! Thanks again for you great customer service. Faye(Des Moines, WA)

WOW, Susan, that is truely unexpected and so very generous. That’s it, now I have to do it, I have no other choice!! Quiet everyone, can I have your attention please, I would like everyone to witness that Susan Henry (I hope Henry is your last name) is from this day forth to be known as “Goddess”. You shall hench forth be known as Goddess of Cuffs or to her closer friends the Cuff Goddess. Congradulations on this highest of honors, and I seem to be developing a habbit of saying thank you, but thank you again Susan, crap, I mean Goddess. Randy

Susan, Reveived the ear cuffs Friday, 2/6 and absolutely love them. I’ve been playing with them and trying different ways to position on my ears. Thanks so much. Hope to order another pair soon. Gayle

Received my 3 pairs of ear cuffs today and am well satisfied. They came wrapped so nicely and were in perfect shape when they got here. And they arrive in such a timely manner. The first pair of cuffs I ordered were for a neighbor of mine and once I saw them I wanted to keep them for myself, but I gave them to her and immediately order 3 pairs for myself. She thought they were very nice and may order from you, herself. I have been disappointed many times buying from an unfamiliar company, but I find you are what you say you are, thank you for that. A Satisfied Customer, Rachel

Susan, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed your earrings! No one here in the Boston area have seen anything quite like them and they ask me where in the world I got them, every time I wear them. Just wanted to say thank you, and you will be hearing from me again. Kathi from Boston

Absolutely Beautiful Earcuffs, thankyou for a wonderful transaction!

gorgeous product! excellent site!!!!! A+++++++++

Very fast shipping – Great cuffs; very unique – Will definitely buy from again.

Only the best ear cuffs on the market,and good people to deal with too……tops

This is not my first purchase & will not be the last………top of the line, A+

WOW! Super cool earrings. Can’t wait to wear them. THANKS!! A+++