9900E Series

All parts of the 9900E Series Earwraps are made with your choice of 14kt gf, sterling silver or silverfilled wire. They are available in three shades of freshwater pearl as well as semi precious. No piercings are needed to wear these earwraps. These are also referred to as earcuffs.

The size of the gemstones strung inside the cuff and coming from the cuff are between 4 & 5mm.

The approximate length of the design portion adorning the ear runs 1-1/2” from the cuff to the pearl at the center of the earlobe. The drop is handcrafted in 20 gauge goldfilled or sterling silver wire and uses a slightly larger teardrop drilled pearl. It falls approximately 1-1/4″.

This design is mounted to the cuff portion of the earwrap. This piece can be slid around the cuff to allow the wearer to decide where they would prefer the design to rest on their ear. These ear cuffs are very adjustable. The design portion of the earcuff can be easily adjusted with just your fingers to the angle, size, length and width of your ear.

These designs are available in many gemstones and rhinestone colors.  If you don’t see a photo of what you’d like, email us – we might be able to provide it.   As more photos become available they will be added for the many selections as well as the availability for instant orders.

Unless otherwise informed, orders ship USPS within 2 days of your order-shipment email confirmation.

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